Sweet Spots Ice cream & Birthday parties - Farmington Hills, Michigan

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Raising girls, we have attended more parties that we can count! When we planned their birthday celebrations, we found ourselves considering the same concepts and locations, typically some distance away. Instead, we decided to host theme-parties!

Every summer, we hosted a party for our daughters and their classmates, typically involving @ 50 girls. With Hawaiian, Surfing, Pirate Adventures, Scavenger Hunts and more, our theme-parties became famous with our girls’ friends and their parents, who looked forward to our next theme-party! We even created a web page with pictures.

We have found that there is a need, in our area, for a special place that hosts parties that fill the imagination and satisfy the parents’ desire for a unique experience for their child - without destroying the house!

Sweet Spots will create a unique atmosphere for each birthday or gathering! We will handle all aspects of the planning process, tailored to our celebrant’s desires and oversee a unique experience! Whether dancing with a princess, hosting a runaway show, a silly-string battle with Spiderman, eating popcorn and watching movies under the stars, etc. Sweet Spots will create memories - while relieving parents of the work and worry!